BMW X7 Double Cabin Pick-up

A team of 12 BMW trainees created a one-off pickup truck based on the X7 SUV, featuring such amenities as a teak bedliner. It's 3.9 inches longer than a regular X7 but weighs over 440 pounds less. BMW says there are no plans to put an X7 pickup into production.
It certainly took BMW long enough to come out with the X7, the brand's first large, three-row SUV. But there's still another big vehicle segment that the brand has yet to enter: the pickup space. BMW might be looking to remedy that, as for its Motorrad Days event it had 12 of its vocational trainees create a one-off X7 pickup concept, and it actually looks super rad. Complementing the X7 pickup is a BMW F850GS motorcycle that fits in the bed.
The one-off is based on an X7 xDrive40i, which has a turbocharged inline-six engine and all-wheel drive; the pickup keeps the SUV's air suspension. From the rear doors forward, it looks like any old X7. But aft of the C-pillar, instead of more side windows and a third-row seat there is upright glass, a thick pillar with silver hand grips, and a pickup bed that is lined with teak wood. The taillights, rear bumper, and tailgate are all custom. BMW says the pickup is 3.9 inches longer than a standard X7, and the bed space is 55 inches long with the tailgate closed and almost 79 inches long with it open.

The X7 pickup was built in only 10 months and is fully road legal; an existing X7 prototype that had been set to be crushed was used as a cost-efficient starting point. Having been created in partnership with BMW's Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions, it was created using a number of advanced technologies. Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic was used for the roof, rear doors, and tailgate, and bits including the hand grips and the trim pieces on the bed were made using 3D printing. BMW says the pickup weighs about 441 pounds less than a regular X7.