Body Builder Who Got Married To A S€X Doll- DUNIA IMEKWISHA


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Love is something that we don't have to joke with, you have to be patient in searching for a partner the right person will surely locate you one day. You will be single for ever if only you choose to be single, but you can't force yourself into marriage just because you envy others or you want to make someone proud of you wait for your time is coming. Man shouldn't never think of getting a doll into his house let alone marrying the doll, in today's article we would be meeting the man who married a doll and what the outcome was.
A body builder Yuri Tolochko who is from Kazakhstan got married to his silicone doll in November 2020. Yuri Tolochko had an actual wedding with guests and an officiating personnel that guided the wedding till the end. Yuri Tolochko seemed to be a fan of silicone dolls, he had love for this dolls to the extent that he had to tied the Knott officially with it. Yuri Tolochko legally married a silicone doll, in fact he had her ring placed in her fingers.
Just days before Christmas last year, his silicone doll was sent for repairs there might have been faults somewhere. Yuri Tolochko announced that the silicone doll had broke up with him after he failed to treat her right. In some recent videos from his Instagram handle, Yuri Tolochko was seen with a weird looking object and he captioned it "Look I've got a new passion" meaning that he left his silicone doll for another strange-looking ridged. Their love didn't last for long as Yuri Tolochko cheated on his silicon doll.


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There is a British woman who married a male dolphin whom she kept at her swimming pool. She could play and kiss the dolphin in the water.