Boeing 777 Rains Down Debris After Engine Explodes

Glad it ended well. Must not have had full tanks for the short hop to Hawai. Otherwise would have been tricky trying to jettison fuel in a burning craft; or landing a super heavy plane just after takeoff
Not forgetting Pratt & Whitney
It was Pratt and Whitney on this plane (777-200). That is the standard engine for this model on UA.

A similar incident occurred with another Pratt and W in Japan last year; and with a Boeing 747 freighter using the same engine this month

Sourced from wikipedia:

A Boeing 777-289 of Japan Airlines, operating flight JAL/JL904 from Naha to Tokyo/Haneda, suffered an engine failure while climbing through around FL160 or FL170 at 100 km north of Naha. The Boeing took off from Naha at 11:44 LT. Six minutes later, the No. 1 engine (P&W PW4074) made a big bang followed by significant vibration. The flight crew declared an emergency at 11:53 LT, and the airplane safely returned to Naha at 12:23 LT. No personal injuries were reported among 11 crew and 178 passengers. The initial inspection after landing reveals that two fan blades were broken away from the root and from the middle, respectively, and a part of fan case is missing. Left aft fuselage was also damaged for 30 cm, along with the leading edge of the left horizontal stabilizer.

Longtail Aviation flight LGT5504, a Boeing 747-412 (BCF), suffered an uncontained engine failure of the no.1 PW4056 engine. Blade fragments were ejected from the engine, coming down in the village of Meerssen, 2 km past the end of the runway. At that point the aircraft was climbing through 1400 feet.

The flight crew initially declared a Mayday and subsequently requested vectors for a holding pattern at FL100 to dump fuel.
The flight then diverted to Liège Airport, Belgium, as this airport had a longer runway. A safe landing was made at 17:10 local time, one hour after takeoff from Maastricht Airport.