kah tony

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These interviews are just for character assassination. If you have no quick brain or witty responses you'll be brought down. I remember when Ndii was being interviewed and he butchered that lady on National tv. Miguna and Matsanga are just loud mouths from birth. So the IG is a dundee head who should not have gone for the interview. He does not owe tv show a favor.
He really flopped. Looks like he was unprepared for the interview or he was trying to defend the indefensible.
Even if he was prepared there is no way he would have been able to defend the police against the accusation of killing 9 yr old and 5 month old children during the NASA protest.


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Hehehe anybody with a brain now knows the person running the police department Not the gentle man Uhuru, I pity my central brothers, please note that this are typical mannerisms of Rift brothers. Also note that you are their historical enemies...
Vindu vichenjaga.!!