Bondo or Karen?

Saidia mimi tafasali. Nihamie wapi?

  • Bondo

  • Karen

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Kana Kega

Village Elder
Wadau, my retirement date is set for end of October 2017. I'm yet to make up my mind on where to settle. I'm torn between Bondo and Karen. Torn because Karen is in Nairobi, close to the National Park and constant supply of fresh puthy courtesy of CUEA and JKUAT. On the other hand, Bondo is serene, relaxed, cheap and close to Uganda where I get my supply of waragi. Saidieni tafasali. Niko saidi mbaya kabisa.

(PS: How do I withdraw some little money I have on my Safaricom Paybill? I need the cash for retirement)