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  1. OddGuy

    OddGuy Village Elder

    Would Admin add a forum to discuss books?

    It would be nice to talk about books for some of us bookworms!!
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  2. Justmay

    Justmay Villager

    Absolutely! I'm so glad I came across this because that's precisely what I was looking for.

    What kind of books do you enjoy? I love nonfiction.
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  3. pimpin5000hoes

    pimpin5000hoes Village Elder

    A match made in ktalk.... pendaneni inbox. .
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  4. Airtel

    Airtel Senior Villager

    Nitafutie PDF ya RS khurmi strength of materials
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  5. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    Ingia Torrentz
  6. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    I second this culture.
  7. Airtel

    Airtel Senior Villager

    Nimeitafuta kila mahali
  8. Alchemist

    Alchemist Village Elder

    @admin wadau wanaitisha book club/library of sots...
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  9. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    Acha nione kama nikonayo kwa archive