Boychild vs Kunguru chronicles


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A proposal should never be a surprise like that unless the couple is doing it for show biz. By the time he’s officially proposing you’ve already had hundreds of deep conversations about marriage. Also marriage is not for kids, it requires a level of maturity that unfortunately is quite rare.


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kuna wanaume wajinga, because kabla ifike that level of proposing for marriage unakuaga like 98% sure she will say yes. But dame nyinyi huenda ma road trip na makfc ndizo zenyu utamproposia aje huo ni a man you just know she will say yes...if not sure give her hints before you pull such upuss stunts.
Hints ni BS. Dunga yeye ball. At the seven month mark, propose. Let's see how many women can walk away from that. That is when you have her by her ovaries.