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@shocks, bro, tafadhali mambo ingine achaga kwa hizo fakebook na twitter za wenye karibu wanauliwangwa na bill boards. It can't happen and it wont happen so its not worth discussing...

Like I said elsewhere it is stupid of kenyans to for two weeks discuss the future death of a sugar industry that died sometimes ago...

Kwanza hiyo link inasema untrusted source, get me out of here!

kush yule mnono

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Just got the translation to Gladys Wanga reply to Mutahi Ngunyi. A friend from the lakeside tells me "mar meru" means "for your mother". She's behaving like some villagers here


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Poor politics of selfishness.Brookside benefits farmers,transporters,workers including some from CORD,.
The lord of poverty should think first before issuing such statements.
Should jubilee therefore boycot sugar from wester region?


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Nonsesnse! These politicians hawajui kubeba coins kwa mfuko ni nini! I aint boycotting anything for a politician. One of these days they will start telling us to avoid matatus and walk, its good for our health! Bloody fuluz!
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