BREAKING NEWS : 20 MPs making millions from counterfeit money and gold business in Nairobi.


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It is estimated 20 MPs are making millions of shillings from counterfeit money and gold business in Nairobi.
The MPs are said to be in a gang of local and international crooks conning gullible individuals and investors.

They include crooked police officers, fast-talking wheeler-dealers, immigration officers, bankers, high-end hotels and judicial officers.
Safe box nabbed with Ksh2 billion fake foreign currency at Barclays Bank Queens Way Branch.
According to a report by The Standard, they send scouts to popular tourist destinations, where they reside in presidential suites in five-star hotels and interact with the rich and famous.

The schemers then open as many as 50 Facebook accounts to serve their guises.
They also pretend to be super-rich businessmen who can assist one make instant millions of shillings in the city under the sun.
The daily reported that there are printers in Luthuli, Khoja and Kirinyaga roads, whose specialty is bulk printing of counterfeit currency.

Godfathers of the illegal trade are said to be two chief inspectors of police who operate within the international and national arena.
The counterfeiters mostly pitch camp in Parklands, Kilimani, Lavington and Eastleigh.
They smuggle the fake currency to refugee camps, South Sudan and Somalia, where people trade in US dollars.
Police revealed some of the counterfeit currency is used to finance criminal activities, such as money laundering businesses and terrorism.



But we knew what they do before voting them in
Did we really know?
The media should work harder to inform voters about those who want to be leaders. What they do for a living etc
As far as voters know, these candidates passed IEBC vetting