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ukiona umekuwa muzee sana, hold a mock funeral ujionee vile kutaenda
hawa wasee wameshaa choose pall bearers na mawimbo zitaimbwa na etc

ama kitu kama commedy central roast of queen elizabeth

anyway, ako na pesa.
kuna tofauti ya his royal highness the duke of edinbrugh was laid to rest in the royal vault beneath st georges chapel na @swaggameffi alidedingi banae


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What a time to die... 'naona symbolisms tu...? '

Barbados elects first ever president ahead of becoming republic

Published3 days ago
Image caption,Dame Sandra Mason, seen here in London, has been Barbados' governor-general since 2018
Barbados has elected its first ever president as it prepares to become a republic, removing Queen Elizabeth as head of state.
Dame Sandra Mason, 72, is set to be sworn in on 30 November, which will mark the country's 55th anniversary of independence from Britain.
The first woman to serve on the Barbados Court of Appeals, Dame Sandra has been governor-general since 2018.
The government announced the plan to move to a republic status last year.
It said "the time [had] come" for Barbados to "fully leave our colonial past behind". The change had already been recommended by a constitutional review in 1998.