Breaking NOW: Jimi to Do the Jiggy


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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tuliwambia ni bare knuckles mkafikiria ni mchezo.

Your chief financier, Jimi Wa Jiggy atalala ndani leo pale Muthaiga Police.

Herikopta tumeground na KRA is moving in.

By the time we are through jamaa ataangalia Mt Kenya aseme Uhuru Tano Tena......................
:D:D:D:D:D:D....Britain is our new financier so we don't give a hoot about Wa Jiggy.....let him burn.


Village Elder
KRA, is what Uhuru should utilize to streamline his opponent. It's a fact, majority of top business people in kenya evade taxes.
This are the same prople in the political circle. Moi knew this, and made it his joker.
this cannot be achieved without dealing with the judiciary kwanza.
the 2010 constitution took the 'bite' out of the presidency but thanks to the wakora, we will return it back!