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Village Elder
Back in klost i must have told u of young lady who landed on my care back in mines having made the ultimate pilgrimage for riches by any means necessary. If you remember correctly, the lady had a very large birthmark on her face which earned her the nickname "Different colors " i obliged her a spot to do her biz of mama mboga. I am certain you remember her. This is not her story. Not its not. The story concerns her bootylicious friend by the name of wamuthoni.

Like Diffrent colours, Wamuthoni, whom we shall refer hereafter as Wamso, was also a mama mboga. This was the accepted front that all women residing in the canteen adopted to tone down their actual biashara. The main business came from servicing the middle aged mine managers and foremen and also the occasional stranger who wondered within the mines in pursuit of Rubies. Wamso was thus a mama mboga by day and an escort by day and night.

Lets shelf wamso for a moment. When i met the old man for the first time, i was in college. His guilt and my hardwork, mostly his guilt, saw him appoint me the mine manager barely a month after i arrived. My charge was a workforce of more than a hundred mine hands of diverse extraction. Among the lot, were my several stepbrothers. I hadly new them since i had just recently joined the family. And among them was one we called Kaduma. A very likeable chap. We liked each other right from the jump and have stayed close todate. Kaduma and i, are very much alike. Come to think of it, all sons of the old man, have a very high propensity for the cat bearers. We are climb oriented by default. Enough said.

Being a manager, i was expected to play in the same league with my counterparts from yhe other four mines. We shared and consulted a lot. We also shared the few ladies that resided in the mines periphery. Thats how i first climbed wamso. Once , twice, it became a habit. I ofcourse disnt offer her much in cash coz i was a pauper in comparison to the other managers. But, what i lacked in cash, i made up with a good thorough climb. And as always, occasionally a woman will forego riches for a chance to be climbed mercilessly. Back then i was young and strong and able to climb her till she surrendered. Unlike now. Passage is a bitch. I recently found a strand of gray hair in a very akward place. Pulled it out by the root , i did.

One drizzling friday morning, after making sure all hands were on deck in the mines drilling in readiness for blasting, i stole myself and sauntered to the mudwalled hut that housed wamso. Kaduma had gone water fetching with the Canter truck we called Senge yao. Wamso was washing clothes inside. After pleasantries, and alot of smoochy touching and rubbing, she bid me wait for her as she went out to hang the clothes kwa kamba. I in turn undressed and jumped in the sheets to await my lady for a thorough climb.

My subconsious registered a truck stopping outside but i was way too hardoned to digest the data. My full attention was to the wet kanunu i had just fingered. Kidogo, i hear voices outside then my bro bursts into the room with wamso hot in heels hysterical in protest. Am behind the curtain stack raving nude, my bro is a meter away forcifully caressing a very protective wamso oblivious of my presence. Am dead quiet wishing to every known deity that Kaduma would get the message and leave. He is holding her by the waist. Kidogo, they stumble. They stagger madily and fall in a heap across the curtain onto the bed. Right ontop of me. I cant dare make a sound

Kaduma realises that there is anaa man in bed and bolts. By now, i cant hold my laughter any longer. I bust out laughing and wamso is using sheets to stifle my laughter. The canter revs twice and speeds off. By now, wamso is holding her head in her hands


I recently found a strand of gray hair in a very akward place. Pulled it out by the root , i did.
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