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HAD TO ADD THIS: Was going thru old emails and saw this. Thought I should remind some of the old days...I am not whoever you think I am.

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Item 78 On My Bucketlist- Achieved On 23.jan.2013 . explicitListing #109113 by›› Award Winner on 24-Jan-2013 .Report/Praise Listing. Viewed 18 times

78: f**k a klister (23.Jan.2013)

Picha ndiyo hii hapa chini. Thanks fellow lister (unajijua). It was worth being in my bucket list.

I have just added another entry.

109: f**k another Klister. Hope to achieve it soon.
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Am just another klist opharn who has arrived here to find almost all fellow klist opharns camping here. Nimekuwa KCP,KENYANSTALKING,Kenyagen....but apparently wengi walipata to pitch tents here at Kenyatalk. And I am not trying to prove any point @Purr_27
Anyone new handle can claim to be anything. Been through all that time and time again.
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