Village Elder
I thought CS Rotich would have introduced a tax to be paid by coomer dealers. Just imagine if all the brothels in hurlingham, lavington, ngara, parklands, south b, Westlands, CbD, kilimani, TRM, etc were to pay taxes of just 20% of their earnings how much revenue will the country rake in.... If on average full package massage costs ksh 4000/- per person then 20% tax will equal 800bob. For a busy brothel like the one in Dev towers that serves an average 100men per day, the daily revenue to government is a cool 80k. Tafakari haya;!


Village Commissioner
Taxing prostitution is akin to legalising it. According to the constitution, prostitution is illegal, so hypothetically, it doesn't exist. Until we change the katimba, we can't tax it. Just like churches can't be taxed coz according to the law of the land, churches are not profit making institutions.