Busia election violence sends Kenyans fleeing to Uganda


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sasa jaluo zinataka kuharibu our bilateral relationship, uzuri my relatives are safe with their distant cousins across the border

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Do you really know the majority of community living in Busia?:eek:

If it's the case, ni Ugandans walipewa pesa na ID zenye zilinunuliwa ndio wapige kura...
ndio wanarudi kwao
naona hapo sofia ndio battleground


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Bloody title is misleading. Wacha Ujinga
Several Kenyans have fled into Uganda to areas of Sofia and Maranchi in Busa town after protests against the repeat presidential polls in Kenya’s Busia border turned violent.

The protestors allied to the opposition NASA coalition blocked roads and set fire to Kasarani market in Kenya’s Busia town.

The police responded with tear gas and live bullets to break up the protests

Tension at the border town is high with a huge deployment of security personnel on both the Kenyan and Ugandan side.

The protests have also paralyzed business http://www.ntv.co.ug/news/local/26/...a-security-deploys-heavily-border-point-19979

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Busia ni ya wajaluo? Change your name! Kua Duke wa whatever
exactly jama zinataka kuchoma county yao then they spill to the gated county hawajui ni county yetu na wateso, anybody else is welcomed as long as you are peaceful. @Alchemist tembea port victoria and the larger budalangi area luos are running the place amock