Buying or building?


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Sorry, it's selling or building a house ya kuishi that is. There was a debate on which option is cheaper, the location and preference like the buyer has no option but to live in a house he doesn't fully like the design etc. I saw someone say renting is even cheap than building etc

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I am the kind of guy who believes that he lacks in certain areas. I don't believe that I have enough knowledge to build my own house. Nitaibiwa sana and probably not get what I want. I am also smart enough to know that most developers overprice their new houses immensely. Therefore, I would buy the house from an individual owner who wishes to dispose, not a greedy developer. Most of them sell really nice houses at reasonable prices to take out home equity or pay loans. So for me, buying a house cheaply from a broke individual is the approach I would use any day. Saves both time and money. I pay for what I can see and can move in the next month after very minor renovations/customization.

Unlike vehicles, people don't sell houses cheaply because the house has a problem. The most common reason is usually to repay the loan and get out of a mortgage or an urgent need for huge amounts of cash e.g flying abroad or medical bills. If someone knows that they are about to be auctioned for not paying their mortgage, they will sell the house cheaply to salvage any equity they can. There are very many such people especially with the current market. Just check the marketplaces.
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I was reading a very interesting paper on whether to build or purchase an already built house. Any views? You can help somewhere make a proper decision.
Building your home huwa very satisfying especially if you were involved in everything from designs and alterations.
In Nairobi if you have money just buy the home and then huko ocha build your mansion


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It's not a black and white process as many think ,it has factors you need to weigh very clearly ,do you have the time ,money , technical skills , technical capacity , strategic interest that are long term or short-term ,social cost, career / business interest , security cost etc , choose your poison very carefully.