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I fvcking hate kids.

I just realised that. I was pissing my morning away thinking about life and choices and whether it's possible to survive on bread alone. I think it is. I have a jiggly belly to prove it. Ugh, I gotta assemble my POS cycle.

Anywho, I thought that getting older, because of the desire to leave a legacy and other things --biological instinct, gives one an uncontrollable desire to want a child but no. Not really. Fvck legacies and fvck ki... no that sounds wrong. The point is: if you lift your kid up to make an order at Katch Fries, and it takes too fvcking long, I'll be the hot head behind you firing off. Bitch, I am not going to set up a tent because your kid can't say 'sausage'.

If I ever get the urge to multiply I hope a well-intentioned human punches me in the liver. Jesus didn't have a kid and he was fine!

If you wanna say something insulting please form an orderly queue here --------> so I can dab on all of you at once.
You are just myopic my dear fren. And ignorant too...I bet u are not yet 25 y.o. Add 3+ years and u ll have a different opinion. Nani ako nyuma yangu kwa queue? #terriblywasted


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I like, not because I agree with what you say, but because you write well.

Such is life. The people who should procreate don't, or do so just a little, while those who shouldn't do it like rabbits.