By the way huyu kijana alienda wapi?


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I rarely see him around. The last I heard is when in late 2019 he told purple that he is now a dad to a small baby and the mother of their baby is their housemaid!

Sijui he fucked their mboch and unfortunately got her pregnant and now his mum forced him to marry her. :D

He also said that he had finally moved out from home to live in an a flat somewhere in Umoja or was it Kayole. He was living with his new wife the mboch and their baby plus his mother bought him a Bajaj Boxer nduthi so he can start a boda boda business.

After that @Mzee mzima went totally silent.

It seems fatherhood is no joke.

The last time I heard @Mzee mzima giving his usual lectures was when he was celebrating the passing on of one @Amused . I think
he didn't see eye to eye with that American dude from Gachie.

All in all @Mzee mzima I often wonder what you say to Captain Alex and Francis the cyber attendants when you meet them on the roads in Kayole. Of course they are much older now. Do you look down in shame or did you finally revenge?

Or do you take them to an abandoned area in Umoja using your bajaj nduthi where you then bend over and let them place their manhoods into your anus softly and gently. No homo.

@Mzee mzima I wish you could come back and give us much needed answers to these questions.

I leave you with a few memorable quotes from this young homosexual from Umoja :









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Kachange diapers ghasia uwache kunukisha kijiji mavi. Fu.cking faggot take your stinking hairy ass mbali. Shoga mzee mattacore bila breki. View attachment 342254

@Wanaruona this photo is very ga.y.

What are you doing with the photo of a man in a diaper??? Whay were you googling for when you discovered this photograph?

Is this the sort of material that turns you on?

@Wanaruona you really need to change your homosexual habits.