Calls not coming in

Got a Techno SparkPro 8.
Can't receive calls.only maybe WhatsApp calls. Texts r OK.Whattsap iko sawa basically everything else iko poa.
Sina blacklists, av tried turning all diverts off, n they seem to be off.
Have tried putting phone off n on a million times to no success.
Av tried googling all troubleshooting bilaz.Kwani Luna CRB ya simu?
Sim 1 is Telkom n Sim2 is Saf.
Hizi simu za mchina nimeogopa..nilibuy huawei two weeks ago na ilikua inashida ikisumbua na apps,alafu ukipiga simu inaongea strange as if you being recorded..niliiuza jana hadi na box yake


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I have a Lenovo phone I spent so much money on, sasa ghaseer inafanya poa but after some hours, like 24hrs ivi it just misbehaves losing its ability to play videos and ring when a call or text comes through. Otherwise all other functions are splendid. Whenever this happens I have to restart the phone, also once the STK app Malaysiad, had to factory reset it!
It might be call barring. Try to deactivate by dialling #35*0000#
To activate dial *35*0000#

Ikikataa you might be a victim of Chinese fake phone. They work on 3g/4g network.