Can You Solve this High School Math Problem?

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Huyo Cheryl kwani ni wa Chernobyl? Ladies here are very quick to share their birthdays (expecting an MPESA), sio kupeana hesabu.

ION, I was born on 29 Feb. How many birthdays have I celebrated? Hint: Nilimanda chuo 97.
Let me explain in simple language,

1. Bernard knows the day Cheryl was born but not the month i.e. anajua tu she was born on a 10th or a 12th (Cheryl told him)
2. Albert knows only the month Cheryl was born i.e. Jan, Feb, March etc (Cheryl told him)
3. When Albert speaks, he is convinced that Bernard doesn't know when Cheryl was born. Question is, HOW? Bernard could av been given an 18th 0r a 19th! (the only 2 dates that appear once). Notice the two unique dates appear in May and June. So for Albert to be sure Berna doesn't know the entire date, Cheryl must have given him a JULY or an August!
4. The moment Albert speaks, Ben being as smart as MacDonald (yes, i am considerably smarter than u!) applies argument no. 3 n cross-checks that with the date (no) he was given n declares "I KNOW WHEN THE BITCH WAS BORN!". That only meant she wasn't born on a 14th (14th appear on both July and August)
5. HURRAY! Albert, again being almost as smart as myself now knows Cheryl's birthday (remember this guy only had the month). Question is how does he know the exact birthday if we still got 2 dates (numbers ukipenda) in August?? I will tell you why. CAUSE IT IS NOT AUGUST DAMN ASS!
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