Capote vs Purple :Conservative woman vs Liberal woman


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What feminism is doing is irreversible. It is slowly handing women male "privilege" while stripping them of female privilege.There is nothing "privileged" about a woman being seen in a club dead drunk, fucking around, etc..then as if that is not a warning enough they slowly sneak in: dying on the battle field, getting hit on the face in a street brawl, hauling blocks and sand on the construction site etc.
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Makena=professional gold-digger/shosholite. Purple=Independent/Self-Made woman. Their line of thought can never be the same. One believes in exploiting men for $$$, and the other believes in making her own $$ and living on her terms. Honestly, both are meffi in my eyes :D I prefer hapo katikati...a woman who can survive on her own but needs me for luxuries. A beautiful balance. Hawa ni extremes on either side of the spectrum. Purple probably has the balls in her marriage, Makena has bled many men dry financially. Makena's past is a financial graveyard.
and just like that, your insecurities are revealed :D:D shida ya kuongea mingi sana