Car prices compared Kenya VS other countries


Village Elder
I have just come across an ad for a Nissan xtrail in the middle east, latest model retailing for 2.1m KES. From the Nissan showroom.
What would be the price of the same in Kenya?
Chris Kirubi controls Isuzu. Peter Munya is in Kirubis Pockets. Uhuru has been bribed by france na watu wa Vw. Japan ilifinance tuprojects kidogo pale port lakini na ikapeana conditions lazima age limit ipungue.
i wonder what goes on in munya and uhuru head kwani where is the purchasing power for brand new cars?


Village Elder
If you want an affordable brand new car, nunua locally assembled kama VW Polo.
Then you will only pay VAT.
How about people who's ego are larger than the life itself who just want to use an off road SUV for daily city life yet such are not being assembled in the country?