Car Speaker and Tweeter Wiring

Hi Guys,

I have 4 (2 front and 2 rear) 300W midi speakers and a pair of pioneer tweeters that I am to wire to a 2 channel amp.

How best should I wire these to a 1200W booster to achieve nice output on my midis and tweeter.

PS: my amp is 4 channel however I have bridged the rear channel for the sub- woofer


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Make and model of your amp? Parallel the (?4ohm) speakers two per channel. ie front right positive of amp channel to right rear and right front speakers. Neg to respective terminals on same speakers. Left front positive of the amp to left front and rear speaker positive terminal. Neg to repective terminal of speakers. Twitters are ok yo add on the channels so long as you keep settings on the two channels on zero bass (lfe) and mid mids (mfe) and high highs (hfe)