Cards Produced in the 90's Predict the Future

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The Illuminati Card Game is an internet role playing card game produced in the early 90’s by an American Game Company. The game consists of around 450 virtual cards that contain pictures on them which seem to predict future events some of which have already happened, others are ongoing and what to expect in future. It is said that when the Game Company came up with the cards, they thought that they had made cards for a fantasy role playing card game but unknown to them they actually came up with prophetic cards which predicted the future.

In the late 90’s, U.S Govt authorities came to know of the illuminati card game. It deployed Secret Service Agents who invaded the Game Company’s warehouse and confiscated the computer & other equipment that was being used to designed the cards.

These two cards foretell 9/11 attacks

These card could be predicting Princess Diana's death. See the paparazzis behind her taking photographs.

For example Lady Gaga's weird hairstyles

This one predicts g** Activism currently happening

Remember Kenyan politicians were saying they will throw rotten eggs at POTUS if he brings his g** activism in Kenya????

Professor wangare Maathai's Nobel

Watch below video to learn more about these cards

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