Careful when Buying Things on Offer.


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***I saw this post via Mukuru. I have always been skeptical about these new offers on cookers.

So I bought this cooker from carrefour during their offer. Last week I am excited I have gotten this recipe I want to throw down. Recipe says, preheat the oven. I mix up my stuff, start to preheat and I decide to go to the washroom before the 10 mins are up. While in the washroom, a loud bang. What do I find? The outer oven door of the cooker has blown up and there is glass everywhere. So I ask carrefour who should fix this? Them or ramtons...after a lot of back and fourth, they tell me, you will have to fix this yourself coz it looks like you broke it. How much does that glass door cost? A freaking 5000. So, who amongst these two sold me something that was faulty? Please note, no technician has been sent over to assess this cooker. Not. Even. One. I should have just lit my jiko with this money. Effing carrefour!!! Effing Ramtons!!!!




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Sometime back before the legendary Luther12 deactivated account, he advised people to make proper purchases as cheap is always expensive. Better save and buy that device expensively than run for goods on offer. Most of these goods on offer lack warranties and are sold cheaply to dispose them off. Was bought, the first buyer found it faulty and returned coz he had warranty. SInce the company doesn't wanna make losses, they make cheap fixes and sell to gullible unsuspecting consumers. Imagine what would have been the case if you were near the device at the time of explosion. Halafu pia kabla ya kununua anything angalie product reviews and seller reviews online. Sande sana.

Mrs Shosho

Does the microwave also affect the fridge? I thought microwave rays are internal
I could not possibly tell you what happened but they all blew up at the same time...and the reason Currys the company I had purchased them from gave me, was that the fridge and cooker were next to each other, with the microwave right next to the fridge. Thankfully, I have contents insurance else ningeona moto.