Carrefour Kenya Karen branch racism incident


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am only here for the comments, cc @Cogito ergo sum

once saw an far east guy trying to bypass the security checks, what really pissed me off was that the guide (or the lady pretending to be a guide), came up with an excuse that the guy didnt understand english and they should let him pass, i calmly told the wanna be guide to either translate to the friend what he was being told or both of them f**k off.

she tried a chinglish come back but i told the security guards to stand their ground, they pair turned back and went away in a huff, it left us wondering what makes them feel larger than life such that they cant be searched, or was it some ulterior motive they were actually hiding


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Prolly not racism but mental issues. Nothing a good slap couldn't cure, siyo kuja interwebs kulialia kama panya kwa mdomo ya paka.......................
My exact sentiments... Yaani mpaka her few supplies zatupwa chini anaangalia tu !!! Ati waite manager !! sigwes ngoja hizo vitu zifike chini, RKO atapata ata tangulia hizo dhania na mikate kulamba sakafu.