Thats why i have always had manual cars...someone wants to borrow including my friends i tell them i wont be available but anaweza chukua gari...akienda kuangalia anakuta ni manual anawachana nayo tu...then there is a spring i added to stiffen the clutch hehehe wanaiwacha tu parking
maisha yako si ni ngumu basi.
Gari ni yako, only share with your wife or a close rela/pal who also owns acar, a car comes with alot of responsibility utaachiwa makesi na bills hazikuwa coz of trying to make your car a community car. Most of those borrowing dont even know how to drive, they got a dl n think they can drive. Mtaanza kuvutana bure tuu..
Ata bibi asipewe ... anunue yake .... nonsense


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You’re so nice to even consider their feelings. Me I have an aunt who refuses to carry fat people in her car ati wasimuharibie shocks. She just tells them in the face liwe liwalo. :D But her husband is a gazillionaire so her choices really have no consequences. Those heavy people still love her.

It’s your property so you have every right to do what you want.
May she grow fat too,like a pig actually
I've refrained from giving out my car to a couple of relatives since I acquired it. my reasons being my insurance is strict if the car is involved in an accident and am not the one driving. Also some relatives borrow the car while I know they have no money and in case of anything they'll bail. This has created some hate from numerous family members. People who don't own cars do not know numerous risks involved with cars, unaeza kua uanenda kuifunika pale juja police station juu ya makesi haziishi. how do you guys handle relatives borrowing cars?
Am thinking of getting myself a manual car.That's gonna be a deterrent enough