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Guys yesterday i put a post where my new marriage is in tatters.My wife decided to put sex timetable mostly once a week.I highly suspect she is cheating on me.My question today is how the hell do i catch her red handed?.Apparently the day before yesterday someone called and she had to go out to pick and talk.
Help guys
Very very simple. Extremely simple. Women unlike men cheat with the whole of their body mind and spirit (men cheat with the d*ck alone). I learnt this fact in Amsterdam. One of the brothels had women pleasure holes on the wall is women in a separate room are made to push their pussies outside a small window. You could only see the pu**y and part of the thighs out. In this brothel, men were queuing in their numbers and the owner was making good Euro out of it. Then off I went to the women's brothel pleasure holes, men were lying beneath a table with only their erect dicks showing above a hole on the table. To my shock and surprise the only two women I saw enter the establishment to just touch the d*ck and leave. So my brother to catch your prostitute wife in the act I can't help you but to know if indeed she is dishing out your goodies is pretty simple, just be more observant , look out for change in behavior. Smell the pu**y in the morning and in the evening Feel it with your hand, go to chemist buy spermatozoa test kits, attach it on her panty discreetly then remove it when she returns. The options are just too many my brother. You can even pay a small tip to her best bodaboda man and he will ferry you to the lodging where she is spreading her legs


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