Chama Cha Mapinduzi Holding Its Delegates Conference To Pick Its Presidential Candidate

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CCM the biggest party in Tanzania is having its delegates conference today. Their "Kenyatalk" called jamii forums servers just went belly up. The admins tried to reduce the traffic going to their site by locking out guest, only guys with a/cs could access election related threads. Lakini it appears it still appears the effort came to a cropper.
One of the favourites to being the CCM flag bearer in the October General Elections a guy called Edward Lowassa was elliminated yesterday evening. This is whats causing the exitement


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Ati Lowassa is out? This former PM had mobilized a serious campaign machinery and got almost a million CCM members to endorse his presidential bid and I got the feeling the CCM bigwigs were not amused with him for trying to force them nominate him ....

Anyway......... weka more links and details


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Hata UG's ruling party NRM is having some internal divisions between former PM and Museveni ally turned critic Amama Mbabazi and M7's cronies as 2016 elections beckon.


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hate is such a strong word.

They have a different way or outlook in life, I guess you'd be better off trying to understand them rather than condemning their ways


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Do we really hate each other with Tanzanians?? In diaspora Kenyans & Tanzanians seem to get along very well which makes me think the bad blood only exists online
Majuu ni east vs west. Hapa base the lines are drawn at namanga boarder post.
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