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Kenyan startup Changisha is seeing strong users growth as uptake of its donation-based crowdfunding platform increases.

Founded in 2021, connects charities, non-profits and individuals seeking financial assistance with willing donors.

“A lot of Kenyans are in search of social goods, charitable campaigns and non-profit campaigns that they can donate to without the challenge of a direct involvement or undergoing a KYC process,” the startup’s co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) says.

Changisha helps with this, and has seen strong traction. Charging fees on donations, its revenues are projected to grow annually, and donations made through its platform so far we are confident they will boom.
“Since we launched, our revenues have started to stream in with much potential from able donors. We are hoping and aiming for the best growth graph this year and the coming years, based on our forecast.

The startup came about when we noticed that Kenyans often struggled to raise funds for just causes. That's when we decided to pair carry out market research that birthed the idea for Changisha.

“Before Changisha, almost every fundraising campaign for Kenyans in Kenya always ended up on crowdfunding portals like GoFundMe and Kickstarter. If not any of these crowdfunding portals, they were raised directly into peoples’ accounts, who either absconded or do not fully remit the funds raised.”

“Also, we noticed, charity and non-profit organisations struggle to secure funding for their operations. The only answer to that was an alternative way of funding – crowdfunding.”

“I guess we are learning the ropes as we progress. Initially it was being able to convince the public that crowdfunding can work in Kenya, and that we are secure and can be trusted. We believe that is a thing of the past now, now that we have partnerships with secure payments aggregators like ipay, mpesa, visa card, all payments processing security is assured.

For now, Changisha operates only in Kenya, but that may change soon.

“Yes, there are plans for expansion,” - “However, that will not come until we are confident we have proven and mastered the Kenyan market.”

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