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If everyone thought the same way you do then no one should ever be charged with murder since it never brings back to life the victims.
Hehe for this case charging the driver is not the best option.No body is sure what caused the accident from a burst tyre to trying not to hit a bodaboda guy


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murder? that's too much. But I hope the investigators found what went wrong. if not, then this is a dead case.

a PR exercise in futility
A team has already been dispatched to review the cars data recorder. If the driver was speeding in wet conditions on a road known for accidents then that’s a manslaughter charge and other charges.

So he could face jail time for reckless driving...


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This car will kill me,’ former Nyeri Governor Gakuru told deputy
Former Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru told his deputy that his official car, which caused his death, was the one that would eventually kill him.

The startling claims were made on Tuesday by his successor Mutahi Kahiga during his requiem at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology in Nyeri.

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Governor Kahiga, who was sworn in on Monday, November 13, said that he was shocked to find out that the late governor had traveled outside Nyeri County using his official vehicle.“I keep asking everybody who bothers to listen, how did Wahome Gakuru find himself in the Mercedez Benz outside Nyeri… it was faulty and he had told me three or four times ‘my brother hii gari ndio itaniua’ (this is the car that will kill me),” said Governor Kahiga. “Many times he used his own personal vehicles because he felt they were better and safe
If this guy knew the vehicle had faults, mbona mshtaki dereva?


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Why charge him??Jailing him wont bring Gakuru back to life....Nobody is sure it was a result of careless driving
The glaring contradictions in his story are too many to ignore (though journalism in Kenya is sometimes at its worst):

Second, I doubt he can contest against data recorded by the vehicle: