Chebukati is a referee for lions.



I have to say I have renewed respect for Chebukati.
There was rumours that he would resign just before the elections to sabotage the process and plunge Kenya into the unknown but he didn't.
Akombe sijui what she was thinking. Did Chiloba resign or he is really on leave?


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We all know IEBC flopped like all the other commission's behind.

Stop sanitizing failure. probably a commission of worthy will one day lead a free and fair election in Kenya.

Every Kenyan will know it and feel it. The loosers will acknowledge as well as the winners.


After all the intrigues that happened in the IEBC I cannot term him a failure. Akombe's true colours came out and when she realised she couldn't cook things anymore she fled. She was working to sabotage the whole election all along.
Chebukati is only one man and has to work with the commissioners that he didn't hire directly.. Personally I think he performed fairly well considering the circumstances