Cheki Maneno Advisory

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Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
A disturbing trend is emerging whereby guys are hitting the roads with fake Dr Dre size headphones on their heads. This to me is attempted suicide, na nikipatana na hawa watu mimi huongea nao. The sense of hearing can save your life while riding your bicycle. You have to be alert at all times you are on the road and ukiamua kuskiza muziki olewako, how will you hear an approaching vehicle, how do you expect to hear a warning horn from a mad matatu guy. Kaa nimuziki wataka skiza kaa kwa keja yako and crank up the volume as much as you want. na kama its a must you listen to music on your bike stick to the roads with no vehicles.
@ol monk please tag NTSA wajue why we are loosing so many cheki maneno guys. The statistics are not gd at all.


Village Elder
This is begging for trouble, even talking on phone while cycling is equally dangerous. Every cyclist should at least acquaint themselves with road traffic rules.
me wenye nachukia zaidi ni wenye hutembea na zile headphones za pc adi ziko na 2jack pin en they are usually very long cables so wanaikunja kisha kufunga na blander,,,,furkin hate them


Village Elder
Yeah, it's really dangerous even walking along a busy road with the headphones on. The crazy matatu drivers do get onto road pavements where people are walking while competing for passengers. Chaos, chaos. Be very alert alert. One better walk away from the roads kabisa.


Village Chief
Mi huona mtu anapenda kusikiza ngoma hata akitembea kwa barabara amemiss a stage while growing up. I mean, the health effects of having headphones/earphones blaring music in your ears non-stop are too severe in the long term. ION those beats by dre things are just overpriced.
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