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Finally, I got myself a mechanical two wheeler :):). I am feeling exhausted after cycling all the way from Garden City. Photo taken at the Kenya railways foot Bridge! Dudes on the road were ogling the bike!

Found myself confused in town wondering which road to follow...Finally got some valuable tips from a motocycle rider...was looking like a rabbit in the headlights.:confused:


The bicycle came at a bargain price (23K) considering it has disc brakes, 26'' wheels, front suspension and 21 speed gearing system... all Shimano parts... Completely new from the Nairobi Sports House..receipt ndio hii


The used bike market in kenya is pretty expensive I was getting similar bikes at used bicycle shops at 35,000 to 60,000 but some are way better and have superior components but still they are expensive compared to similar new bikes.

Meria Mata

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well done
now for some add ons
get a bottle cage and a speedometer for your new baby, consult @Bus he will sort you out, also this is very important, get luminous tshirts or jackets and put them on while riding anywhere. dont forget a helmet.
watu wa magari hawana respect kwa cyclists.
hope to see more of your cheki manenos
ps: as a starter ride 50kms per week
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