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Kwa wazito wa chelsea @gashwin @Mrs Shosho....etc theres so much to look foward to despite the ban. Just imagine a back 4 of Azpi, Rudiger, Zouma, emerson/alonzo. Na bado bench kuna Luiz na Christensen....Expect us to concede fewer goals like we did before Sarri and still end up with atleast one trophy like we always do. KTBFFH
ngoja kwanza nijue kama Sarri anaenda .....
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Sasa hio ban yetu ya players plus hatuna coach..alafu tucheze uefa,ligi,FA carabao na hio upuzi ingine yote...SISI KWISHAAAA
Our squad has depth, considering all the players out on loan. Boss tuko poa wacha stress. The ban will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Young players will get a chance, tena Kante going back to his favourite position. Tuko sawa
Dont put chelsea in the same group as united, Nyinyi since time ya Moyes your team has been on trial and error. Kubahatisha managers and formations and hoping lady luck shines on you.
No need to add any more detail.
Sorry. Chelsea are in a more shit position that United. There.
I hope y'all Chelsea fans have at least a trainee psychologist on speed dial. It was Depression FCwith Sareee last I have not an ounce of an idea what it will be come August.