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  1. Antonio Mascaro

    Antonio Mascaro Village Elder

    The world niggadom have something to be glad about. A new kid on the block. You know, since Serena birthed, and her sister Venus, well you know she is not getting any younger, I have been worried about our position in the Tennis world. They talked isht about Serena being masculine and sh*t, and you know the Russians and Eastern Europeans, hot on our heels are silently plotting a revolution on us. Am a Pan-Africanist and this matters to me, a lot.

    So now, Ladies and jindurume, Niggas and niggettes, I present to you : Sloane Stevens,



    My hopes are high. We may as well have gotten the heir to the tennis throne.

    On that note
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  2. Muhura Ndore

    Muhura Ndore Senior Villager

    Ni sawa tu. But u gotta admit that those muscles made them look like shemales
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  3. Antonio Mascaro

    Antonio Mascaro Village Elder

    Well, at least, she got pregnant and birthed so she proved detractors otherwise.
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  4. Alchemist

    Alchemist Village Elder

    @uwesmake will disagree.
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  5. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly Village Elder

    her pu**y is XXL
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  6. M2Random

    M2Random Village Elder

    Sloane's coach is one KAMAU Murray. Probably shiny-eye ancestors.
  7. Abba

    Abba Village Elder

    Niggadom-kingdom Katt Williams :D:D. There is something about black genes. I want Serena and Venus to slowly mentor this young lady.
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  8. Abba

    Abba Village Elder

    You seen it? Assumption right from your *ss via toothpick
  9. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Why should I get excited about a black woman excelling in tennis in far away America?
    Kwanza these black Americans don't even like blacks from Africa. To hell.
  10. Antonio Mascaro

    Antonio Mascaro Village Elder

    I agree. Perspectives on the other hand are many. There are those who are even relocating back. Especially to Ghana. Ill get a video and post it here. I also support the perspective of Black people thriving anywhere without having to move back to Africa. You may build an alternative opinion when you find youself in Dakota going about your business and get treated on the basis of your race. Being a pan africanist, I focus on stories that support the cause but I dont ignore those work opposite.
  11. MegaKing

    MegaKing Village Elder

    nope, it's the way Afro-American like taking African names.
    There are guys named after Kenyatta is Caribbeans
    Mjinga Wewe.
    That's a insult to black women
  12. Shamsudin

    Shamsudin Village Elder

    @Abba , a self confessed muscular women lover, disagrees too.
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  13. Jergen

    Jergen Village Elder

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  14. Abba

    Abba Village Elder

    Enda down na uchezee chini mzee
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  15. Antonio Mascaro

    Antonio Mascaro Village Elder

    Kama hawa :

    Kenyatta Hill : Mtoto ya Joseph Hill

    Dr. Kamau Kambon
    A Black American professor I like, ingawa he can get extreme sometimes. Yani wale Extreme Black Extremists

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  16. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Just like the crackers call Michelle Obama, Michael.
  17. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor


    Ras J. Baraka, Mayor of Newark.
    His father, the late poet Amiri Baraka.
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  18. Antonio Mascaro

    Antonio Mascaro Village Elder


    Na huyu Baraka si amefanana na Mbuyiseni Ndlozi wa EFF, South Africa kidesign.
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