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I hope Chiloba made or 'looted' enough moolahs via deals coz if I were him, I'd be a billionaire, and very resistant to Baba's antics. I'd be investing big in the NSE n other SEs and looking to rival WSR in getting wealthy. Unfortunately I am not Chiloba, but I wish him well. Let him borrow from Halakhe Waqo on how to survive multiple coups.
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Nimem-sister zone! :D:D:D
Ayayah! Alchemist umenisis zone! Me siwezi kubali white knightress! Im following those rules za tembe nyekundu cult. Wewe? Am not a beta am an alpha so am going to..... Nimesahau what does the manual say u shud do if you are sis zoned? Wacha nirudi kwa manual nisome instructions. Btw am starting my own cult for women. Beta cooks. Alpha get cars/money. Hakuna mambo sis zone hapa, am an alpha! Hehe! Cult yangu naiita Brazilian weave movement bcz alphas only wear Brazilian weaves! Alafu Vera Sindika atakuwa our brand ambassador! Juu ye ndio distributor wa hizo weaves. Wacha niende kwa forum ya cult niwaambie vile Leo nimekuwa victimised kuwekwa sis zone! Aki All Men Are Like That. Nimekataa kukua white knightress! Apana bana. Hii dunia inatonea! Let me go chop techniques za kudeal na hawa watu huweka mtu kwa sis zone! Ngoja2 kesho narudi nikiwa na Machiavelli techniques! You wont know what hit coz hautawahi ni associate na siz zones,Sijui Nyayo Tea Zone, Sijui Ozone Layer!
But you only watch Ntv and Ktn, you don't entertain mediocrity am really wrong
Am in a tent, in a place with no elec,only generator, which goes off at 9pm. I watch Citizen,Hussein Big Question and Thursday Opinion Court thats it. JKL has bcm cliche! He's dated. He's sensationalist. He is partisan.
Very eloquent explanations. I hope everyone views this interview.
According to Nasa supporters led by their loudspeaker Miguna Miguna, every single word that came out of Chiloba's mouth was a lie.

You'll never win political arguments with logic, explanation or common sense. That's why I'm encouraging Jubilee MPs to move forward with the amendments to trap Baba from withdrawing, ensuring there is an election on 26th.
When someone is programmed to complain every single time, they will never see reason. Let the Kenyans who want to vote on 26th vote, those who want to be left behind or to secede can go ahead.
We must move on with our lives. Some of us don't like eating politics 24/7, every year.