China joins Israel in nefarious organ harvesting? Crzy


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Taking organs from prisoners is illegal according to an international convention, and the Chinese government previously said it had stopped the practice four years ago. But this week, the chair of the tribunal, Geoffrey Nice, said that he believes the practice is still widespread.
The inquiry was set up by campaign group the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China and has no legal power. Forced organ donation from prisoners has been suspected in China for decades, and the coalition asked the inquiry to investigate whether some hospitals in China are still boosting supplies of transplant organs from prisoners.
And yes, "the chosen race" aka Israelis have harvested organs of Palestines.

China is a wonderful new world power but I wouldn't put it past them to carry out such ungodly things. Those who go to China on trade, watch your back or your kidneys might end up in a rich man's geriatric father.


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That Nice fella needs to have something better than a hunch before making such a grave allegation.
Na wewe wacha ku-spread rumors.


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That's a booming business in China, organ harvesting is big business. Patients all over the world are flocking to China for fast and timely transplants. Imagine for kidneys one can have about 3 sets of kidneys to choose from.