Choose your mate for your children's sake

This was a commentary inspired by the murder of Maleah Davis and another baby girl by their step dads. LADIES LISTEN CLOSELY.

Ladies first off it's you who gets to choose who you want to be a father to your kids. Not the men. You. The mother. When you pick a shit of a man you suffer, your kids suffer most. The ideology that any man is better than none is a lie from the pits of hell that's led many women to stay or take up with men they should have never given the time of day. And it's your kids who pay dearly for your lack of self control and desperation sometimes with their very life like in the Maleah Davis case. If we can't as women love and respect ourselves and have standards for what caliber of people we will accept into our lives, let's do it for the children, to save the children from hell, just so people will see that we can bag a man. There is no point you are proving to anyone when you are in a wrong relationship with a terrible person just so that people will see that you have a man or tht you can get a man. It's a no win situation and eventually the truth will always come out. It always comes out. ALWAYS.



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This is all good advice, if girls could actually bother to listen to the wisdom of their elders.

Unfortunately, many young girls would not look at "the right guy" twice, because the right guy is probably too boring for her to bother with.

The wisdom required to make the right choice is non existent at the time many girls are becoming sexually active.

And at the tender age, girls do not choose the men they want to breed with based on who the mother or the father thinks is the right guy. To a young girl, the boy with the right shoe, the right type and color of shirt, the right hair style, the right tattoos and the right vibe/swag. Listens to the right music, knows the "right" places to take her (mostly hang out joints and house parties where a lot of drinking takes place), if he makes her smile, laugh, excites her, teaches her how to get stoned, live the life etc...that is the guy she will fall in love with. He will impregnate her, and because she loves him and wants to rebel, she will go ahead and give birth to some cute little kid.

Mr Swag Tattoo will get bored with her and skip, shortly after becoming a very intolerable asshole.

Now, she is left with a bastard.

And now, the man that her mother and father thinks is the right guy wants nothing to do with her. She may succeed in hoodwinking a few confused fellas here and there, but eventually they too will wise up and skip.
Nature doesn't work that way ................ i know you didn't know this but when Homo Sapiens interacted with Neanderthals , the homo sapien female is said to have copulated with the ugly f*cks and that's why some of us have neanderthal DNA .........nature rules everything not vice versa
Isn't this Jackie maribes life story
The thing that annoys me most about Marie is that she was raised as a Christian. And her dad's a pastor. She got pg with a random man who had not married her then instead of growing up and getting serious with life, she was out partying and then she harbors a jobless skunk with no education, give him her car keys and ATMs in her 7BR House just so people will see she can bag a man. Kwanzaa that proposal was so annoying. Kwanzaa wen u have money and you have kids why do you really need a man? Who isn't the baby daddy? WHY? Me I don't understand women. I really do not. If it's about sex. Do you need to move a dangerous criminal into your home with your small son to have sex when motels are everywhere? What do you think that poor sweet Lil baby boy is going thru now,his dad is nowea, jowie is nowea too. And I am sure he was already attached to jowie. Ladies ukipata mtoi you can no longer live for your self you have to put your baby first.
All I kept thinking was why couldn't this woman have stayed single and raised her two kids. Now the man is in jail, her daughter is dead. Her other 2 kids will never be given back to her. All bcz she couldnt live with out a man. Hii kesi imeniguza Sana. RIP Maleah. images (17).jpeg 190507081514-brittany-bowens-maleah-mother-emotional-full-169.jpg images (16).jpeg 062019-maleah-1280x720.jpg images (15).jpeg