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  1. ikonini

    ikonini Senior Villager

    I think i have a problem. I have been experiencing a severe lower back pain from late last year. during the December holidays the pain when away.
    I think its because of this slave desk job that i have.
    Anyone with suggestions on how i can reduce the pain. jana usiku i was completely unable to sleep.
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  2. Kibinda Nkoye

    Kibinda Nkoye Senior Villager

    @ikonini enda menelik medical centre off chania avenue close to yaya watakusort. Give feedback here
  3. KayF

    KayF Village Elder

    Iza tembelea hospitali

    About your deskjob, consider changing your seat
  4. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Dry spell,i repeat dry spell manenos.
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  5. mswazi

    mswazi Village Elder

    Enda full body massage ukandwe kabisa.
  6. TakeOff

    TakeOff Senior Villager

    Go to any chemist and ask for Naproxen tablets. The pain should be gone after a few hours. Quick recovery.
  7. shocks

    shocks Village Elder

    Shida ni either kiti, or your posture. Kuna time nilipata kanundu on my wrist juu ya kutumia mouse vibaya, a mouse pad with wrist support cured it
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  8. kijanamrefu

    kijanamrefu Village Elder

    Walk bro, walk!!
  9. fallen

    fallen Senior Villager

    Tonight before you sleep, place an ice cube pellet at the edge of your skull and the beginning of the spinal cord.. I.e the top of the neck.

    N.b its normal to experience intense body temparature rise.
  10. ikonini

    ikonini Senior Villager

    Wacha ni jaribu hi dawa
  11. ikonini

    ikonini Senior Villager

    Wacha ntaenda sato wakati my slave master allows me to be free
  12. Nyadist

    Nyadist Village Elder

    Buy a back massager, and try doing strech yoga poses while taking breaks from sitting all day.
  13. Starscream

    Starscream Senior Villager

    Take a small break, walk a little bit
  14. dufia

    dufia Senior Villager

    Try these simple exercises, after about 3 instances you will be good
  15. Blueband ya10

    Blueband ya10 Villager

    Age, profession,your lifestyle among other things may cause this.i highly suggest a lumbar-sacral xray for you to rule out the cause
  16. Dakan

    Dakan Village Elder

    Visit a chiropractor to check the skeletal structure. I'd also advise on getting a lumbar support brace. That will ensure you have the correct posture always. Some medical insurance will cover the above two expenses.