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Mark Maish

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#ThisIsMyStory I feel lost,in a desert.

I'm church goer ,a worship leader at a prominent church and an advocate. I write this I can't help but cry,I'm devastated.

When I joined university I was innocent and spiritual, held positions in the CU and even talked in tongues. I never missed church, people respected me(they still do) I'm the model,girls look up to me. My parents are so proud of me.

But I'm not proud of me,in university I met a guy he was(is) total perfection from outside,a Christian so he says. When we saw each something clicked like love on first sight,we started seeing each in secret but I told him I'm not ready for sex and he was okay with it. So one day he came my place stayed until 12 A.M I told him he had to go to him but then he couldn't go because it was too and he might get murdered out there( I have never done a sleepover with anyone or had sex).

So we slept but he touched me but I told I wasn't ready for sex but he told me not to worry we won't have sex till marriage but we could do other things so he fingered me it was painful he ate me, we did it often and now I'm addicted.

One day I will kill myself and will wonder why because I was perfect and had many friends. I'm a 'virgin', what my strict parents finds out that I'm not what if my boyfriend will tell on me.

Please help me.

PS: I received this submission for #ThisIsMyStory campaign from a lady who is apparently suicidal because she is saved yet addicted to sex. I can't publish this on my page for certain reasons so I posted it here where I can select a few responses and email back to her. Sasa how would you help her?

*Attached is a screenshot of her email submission.
Tell her to calm down and *** till her last breath.No one really gives a shit about her sexual relations. Just imagine fala ka mimi when I step out of the house I don't start imagining who among my friends are "whores" or shit like that leave alone strangers. No one will stop her in the streets and vilify her for enjoying getting her vagina licked Lol

Baba Toto

Village Elder
She had other issues besides sex.
She has Barbie syndrome where you set yourself up as 'perfect' by putting on a show from morning to evening.
Perfect hair, nails, conversation, diet, church behaviour, relationships, friendships etc but it is all a sham.
She escapes into sex then feels guilty because deep down she is a whore who wants a good smashing but doesn't want to lose face.
Solution: stop pretending and lying to yourself. Release your inner whore.


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this gal was bound to get here some day because of her philosophy concerning christianity......depending on the flesh and personal strength rather than the grace of god. her idea of righeousness is wrong and unscriptural. my advice to her,
1. read romans 8:1 and 1 john 2 verse 1 ........severaly until it sticks in her mind joseph prince's sermons many times, her wrong mindset will change.
3.she must realise that she's living for herself more than anybody else, and stop seeking validation from nobody. thats true freedom


Village Elder
You don't commit suicide because you failed ! If you believe in God then you believe God forgives too .
Let her pick herself up and get focussed again.
Rather go ahead and get married.
These pre conditions society and culture have in regards to marriage , can be frustrating.
Once people reach puberty and have some maturity in them , let them marry instead of sleeping around or trying to stay virgins.
It's against nature when you think about it. It's natural to have feelings towards the opposite sex and have sexual desires .
All you need to is go about it in a respectable way,that is marriage.


Village Chief

Modern Youth ( and some Adults ) are not getting the proper Sex Orientation ...and this leads to these kinds of problems.

Look at any Mentally and Socially stable community and you will find they have established proper mechanisms and outlets for Sexual Expression...


Ama namna gani , ndugu zangu ...??