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  1. kasaman

    kasaman Village Elder

    Tupatane hapo kiambia ,niko hapa kwanyoro heading to kibutu
  2. chieftm

    chieftm Village Elder

    Kuna kijamaa kiliniona war ninkawa mono...hadi waleo nafil kurevenge..but niliskia alingolewa meno zote kwa busaa....nikasema hapo sawa
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  3. Walker

    Walker Village Elder

    I always slipped through bullies but kuna fala fulani alikua cop aliniseti vile navuta sinyore na kuenda jam session tukiwa pale Kiserian Seminary. Nilichujwa ikabidi nikaendelee na masomo @Muranga. Naskia he became a priest but mahali ntapatana naye lazima akule at least vibare kadhaa
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  4. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    am always ready for such events
    uyo george ata leo tukicross path war atakula
  5. Mrs4thletter

    Mrs4thletter Village Elder

    Let it go Sparta, let it go
  6. Giggz

    Giggz Village Elder

    Learn to let go guys, its no use carrying all baggage forever.
  7. Nixer west

    Nixer west Village Elder

    In my high school we had a compound prefect who was in form 3 and I was in form 2. The form2 duties were to clean the pit latrines around the school. I happened to be allocated one near classrooms so frequently messed ( by the way I have never understand how one misses a hole). pushing down the downloads kwa shimo was not easy. This guy hated me son much that he made me wash the toilets for two terms. After finishing high school we accidentaly met in Kampala while in campus. I ganged up my colleagues and we attacked the guy mercillesly. it turned up to be a street fight with boda boda guys who joined thinking it was a Kenyan thief.
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  8. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    hekaya poa lakini umesahau kutwambia vile ulikamua wanja.
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  9. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

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  10. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

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  11. biraru

    biraru Village Elder

  12. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    sikuwai fikisha threshold due to distance ...but now she is married with 3 kids
  13. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Sparta ninicome home in Dec, nitakuinbox tukakule nyama hapo Kigwaru Inn if it is still operating. Last time nilikua those sides niliona imesukumua sana by the new raves in Ruaka and Ndenderu. My friends live around there and we had a good time with their Ben 10s in tow.
  14. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    ukiwa area link up inbox...ama email on hadikwamkia@gmail.com :)
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  15. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Woooi woooi woooi words fail me Sparta. The email add:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. I think I will stick with the inbox. I am kinda vv familiar with that area. I have my taxi man hapo Ruaka to ferry me home huuuko juu to the cold areas or to my Sistas kwa kina Birrionare @nairobilay huko leafy burbs. He is waiting for me sana for xmas. I meant the taxi driver.

    I will def get in touch.
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  16. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    rwaka mtaa yangu... 106 ndio sparta amesomea izo area za gacharage na ndenderu na zitambua sana...

    pale george alipataa beating ni pale junction ya kuenda na slaughter unaitambua?
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  17. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Yes I do, nilicheka sana. Mathree zangu nikiwa tao ni hizo 106 ama 107. Nishuke Ruaka nichukue taxi hapo Ruaka niende either way. To my Sista's ama... home way huko karibu na baridi kubwa.
    Wooi do not mention Gacharage\Ndenderu, we might now be related.
  18. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    may be tushapatana apo church ya gacharage :) nikaomba slice nikanyimwa :D
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  19. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Maybe hehehehe... but this is a small world we are living in. Kasaman spoke about Kiambia heading to Gathanga too...if I could share!!!. We will chat before I turn up as I am beginning to think I am talking to someone vvv close to 'home'.
  20. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    poa take care @Miss Finest Wine