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  1. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Sawaz Sparta. Have a good night, let us pick this up at some point down the road. Heee hizo ni hood zangu sana from Nai tuende all the way to Limuru.
  2. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    nitakupeleka hadi Gachie tukunywe Muratina kwa muitoo:)
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  3. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    What will be so ugly is that I turn up and then find you are my young cousin!!! Never really been to Gachie but Gacharage, Kagongo, Ndenderu, Bano, Muchatha, Raini, Gathanga, Kanunga...all the way to some place I stop of naming are familiar to me.
  4. SnazzyKenyan

    SnazzyKenyan Village Elder

    Primo kulikuwa na ranking, 1st body, second bla bla
    Nilikuwa #7
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  5. Susskid

    Susskid Village Elder

    Nikiwa form 4, kuna nugu ya mwalimu iliniwahi viboko 6 (msita)ikitumia bunsen burner.

    Ilikuwa Sato tukaamshwa impromptu kitu 5:30 a.m eti tuandike composition kuprepare for K.C.S.E

    Mimi na mausingizi zangu nikaandika 1/4 page nikalala.

    Monday asubuhi after parade; witchhunt.

    Mr.Muceke: Suusskid! whuuiiichhhh!! I know you are a Nguu(wuiii-chhhh!!)nd Mboi,wuiii---chhhh!!
    Mbut you av ndicynded to mbi lacy
    whuiiichhhh! whuiiichhhh!

    Saa hiyo nimekausha tumatako ka nonsense na kuuma meno like nobody else business
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
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  6. jinchuriki

    jinchuriki Senior Villager

    nikiwa class 6 i was a nobody until one day i received a very important letter. it was from a girl na ilikuwa imepakwa perfume. Anyway it was a gal shiko* who had the biggest boobs and ass at that time.In it she confessed her love for me and asked to be my galfriend. now the school bully who hard a crush on shiko didn't like it so he came to me and asked me about it. Ofcourse i couldn't admit fancing the gal incase i got pounded like a bug so i played it down and told him i didn't even like her. But for good measure i told him i could throw in a good word for him since she had my ear. after this i was never bullied in primo again.
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  7. culture

    culture Village Elder

    20years??????????na bado unataka kufanya reve
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  8. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    I was also bullied by a gal in prima, She hustled me for my breaktime snack on my first day in class 1 and made fun of me whenever she could all through class 1 and 2.

    First forward to class six, and I unknowingly coupled up with a boy she had the hots for and she sent her minions with a message ati tupatane home time.( did you guys have the home time fights?)

    Classes were out @ 3.45 pm and the whole class six stream was aware that there was gonna be a gal fight because she made sure everyone knows about it and we all walked towards the famous brawling grounds with our supporters flanking us.

    What Tina didn't know is that I was no longer a 6 year old and my brother had taught me a trick or two along the way. Ata kabla afungue mdomo kunitusi ama sijui formalities, I had already given her a sweeping kick , down! Straddled her and given her a few slaps. When she covered her face I was boxing her kidneys one- two !one - two. ( I was nicknamed Tatianna Ali that day)
    I stood up and spit on her face and walked away hand in hand with her crush.

    Years later ,we met and had a good laugh. I am not one to hold grudges.
  9. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    Morning to you too Sir.
  10. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    :eek::eek::eek: Kicks to the kidney, si ugefanya mtoto wa wenyewe akojoe damu. :):););) But a bully shouldn't be tolerated.
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  11. Giggz

    Giggz Village Elder

    That was a good lesson, you fought to protect what was yours.:D:D:D:p
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  12. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    I was so furious that day, I unleashed on her all the pent up pain she had put me through from childhood.
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  13. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    :D:D:D yes! I don't take it kindly when someone encroaches on what's mine..though now I don't fight with my fists.
  14. Mayai Kumi Kumi

    Mayai Kumi Kumi Senior Villager

    Revenge ya primary and high school bullies ni utoto. Unafaa by now kuwa umeaccept and move on.
  15. tuttligen

    tuttligen Senior Villager

    Gathanga success--wakangu family do they still reside huko
  16. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Don't know them personally. But I got close relas there.
  17. Inspector Kaswende

    Inspector Kaswende Village Elder

    Makojo ya mbweha