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Devil's playground. Call it whatever ,you dont want to drive up there in a Nascar derived V8 motor with two Turbos attached to it.Ladies and gentlemen I present to you....(drum rolls) Climbkhana @ Pikes Peak by none other than His majesty Mr Hoonigan Himself Ken Block! (Blue subaru owners Want to be him so baddd :) but they are short of 4 cylinders :D ) In his none other than the great Hoonicorn. This Time packing 1400bhp torque figures are not far behind.
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See what happens here when you mess up...
Big up to the welder who did that rollcage job btw.
Now see the Hoonicorn..
Don't think Ken will be back up there any time soon after that Close Shave.

#NoCGI in #Climbkhana #Gymkhana what you see is what is there.