Clip of thug being lynched

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Apparently I never heeded on some ktalkers advice not to download the clip posted here earlier.
So had tried downloading and wasnt aware it got saved in my gallery.
So leo I stumbled upon the clip and was wondering who the hell saved that clip in my phone...watched it..the burning...hacked knees and feet and so traumatised.The determination with which those guys were hacking the joints was totally not humane...thug or not.


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I don't feel any remorse shaking a fool...Back in the day, when I weighed about 75 kgs, I was attacked by a couple of thugs brandishing metal bars in town. A harrowing experince it was! Especially since it had been the third time in a span of two months...I had to hit the gym and hit it HARD!!! 120 kgs now and i swear I'm always ready to bring down any fool that crosses my line...I'd be ready to kill if I or any of the pple I care about are threatened.


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Nani amewatch documentary ya Sierra Leone Civil Wars? Kuna scene iko na mtoi flani anakanyagwa na ECOWOG army wakijaribu kumfunga mikono nyuma. Binadamu ni mnyama.
The violence that happened in Liberia and Sierra Leone was macabre. I have watched some disturbing documentaries that reveal what happened.
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