Club Ambience, Sinza Dar es salaam

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The first time I came here was five years ago. I was travelling from south Africa and Nationwide Airline had some crazy offers for 100 USD I could fly to Dar one way, Kq kamd kawaida wanted 300 dollars.
Since I had a lot of time to waste since I was just done with my studies, I decided to pass through Dar nile maisha kidogo.
Like a typical Kenyan, I went drinking all over, first night I was staying in some hotel Kariakor and met some guy from Egypt, we asked around what club was happening and we were directed to Bilycanas. Hiyo siku nililewa vishenzi. I remember being woken up by the club employees being told to f**k off since the place was closed. I went out and took some cab but couldn't remember my hotel name. this was like six in the morning. I only remembered it map next to some mosque, after much back and forth, he mentioned Msikiti Nuru and I was like that is it.
So the guy drops me there and he asks for 10k TZS, on me I only had 5k on me having blown 100k I left with on I don't know what. So we ended up arguing with the cab guy, but since I knew it was not a far distance, I stuck my ground, akanipa matusi na kuniacha.
Same day I went to Ubungo bus station to book my bus to Arusha, I was not planning on heading to heading to Nairobi same day since I had pipelined some chick in Arusha I wanted to dry dry.
Sasa after booking my ticket for the following day I decided to walk around, I love walking. I went all the way to Milimani city, just exploring around.
On the way there I saw some nice bar, they got them all over in Dar, so on my way back decided to pop in there for a few,
There was some nice chocolate babe on the next table, seated alone. Kidogo pombe imenishika I ordered a Kilimanjaro for her since that's what she was drinking.
Kidogo tuko naye kwa meza story mingi tu.

In the background, at a distance I could hear some music playing, I asked her where that place was, and if we could relocate there. She was easy with it, after our drinks we hailed a Bajaji and went to this place, Ambiance.
We!!! Zile vitu niliona kule!! Nice mamas, we were seated outside but they had a club also at the same place, kidogo na ujanja wangu I ordered a round then pretended I was going to make a call and quickly got into the club, entrance fee was 5k Tsh.
Kule ndani madame kibao, dancing around they don't kausha, nagusa matiti, vidole kwa maku na kadhalika.
I then decided that I will got out, pick my change and run off from the girl I was with, just as I stepped out I found her at the door, luckily she didn't have any cash with her so she couldn't pay her way in and catch me red handed.
kuzusha kidogo, tukarudi kwenye kiti chetu, two more drinks then I'm like I'm taking off.
Shore doesn't believe my story, she wants to come with me, mara she wants bus fare.., bla bla bla. then I'm like I'm leaving this place tomorrow why should I give a shit about a bitch I just met.
Told her to f**k off and into the club I went in.
Found some Chocolate Haya girl, kukatika, kulambana na kadhalika.
Kama hujatomba Haya, Buganda, Nyankole, Rwandese then add it to your bucket list.
We ended up in some guest house in Sinza and I Ramyada her like crazy, round three I just went dry fry. things were just too sweet.
I find myself in same place tonight again. But no more dry fry. Sitaki PEP.
Picha baadaye nikizima flash.
Sasa leteni matusi au hekaya zenu.

PS. Admin I've been a member here since April so calling me a new member ni ushenzi tu.


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fity buda...sasa tupatie rates za affordable lodges na clubs kama sabina hapo Dar, place pia naeza pata nice urban hits sio hizo taarabu na sio hizo mellow lovy dovy bongo shit...ninampango ya kutembea huko Dec
The Dar youknew five years ago is totally gone, Hapo kupigwa Rhadi ni dakik moja.. And again, even if you like walking Mblo, Kutoka Ubungo mpaka Milimani mguu kaka? kweli unapenda kutembea
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