Co-Op Bank: Bank People Help Me Understand.



In 2014 I took some documents for safe keeping at Co-op bank and the manager told me it costs KES. 1500 every six months.

Today I was at the ATMs and noticed a different balance than what I had a few weeks ago. Then I decided to ejumacate myself on what the fuzz is with the leaky account and I found out that the bank has been charging me 1500 every month for the safe keeping of my docs.

Did I miss something or should I go to complain? Why didn't the manager tell me payments become monthly after a while...? Grrr! #ResistCo-op



Village Elder
Waambie warudishe pesa. Huenda ni system iko na shida. Most standing orders are processed monthly.
Be polite!

Born Tao

Village Elder
This guys are masters in this art of bait and switch. At times they need to meet a target in sales and they will openly lie. Lakini hapa inakaa uko na evidence
Every bank has a treating customers fairy policy therefore,staffs especially the management won't lie to close business. Does this guy run a chicken business in kakamega?