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Treason offence.

In the last few days since the elections candidates across the political divide has conceded defeat and moved on. The busy bodies are left with foot in mouth as their self imposed high opinion of themselves wasn't shared by majority of Kenyans. Bure kabisa.


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That is sad. It doesn't matter how educated one is, once they follow baba they become slobbering slobs.
For Kenya to move on we must bury this disease called babuon forever. Let him retire in peace in his kerarapon home. The opposition leaders are also done in history. His minions like ndii can be dealt with very simple. @FieldMarshal CouchP said something today that has stuck with me. Immediately babuon lost, the veil of tension and violence in the election cycle ended. People accepted the result, went back to work, life become normal and losers accepted the defeat. His retirement will usher smooth, peaceful governance and elections.

If a Luo can get elected as MCA in Kiambu, a Hindu is elected MP in Eldoret/Meru, a Kisii in Eldoret etc then we are changing progressively every election.


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If the country is convinced that it cant stay as 1 state. Then this is inorder..Babuon whether you like him or NOT has 1/2 the country behind him


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Rocking chair at work. Keeping the supporters busy on fallacy but not taking them anywhere. After decades you would think the few remaining supporters would be wiser. From now until 2022 expect many imaginary scandals like "Eurobond" from reTired opposition to keep them irrelevant.