Commercial Break


Village Elder

Would you choose clean, fresh & fragrant soaps made from cow dung & urine over those made using animal fats and oils?

An Indian company makes soap, toothpaste, floor cleaners, hair oil, incense, shaving cream and face wash with high medicinal value made from cow derivatives—it uses ingredients such as dung, urine, clarified butter or ghee, and others.

The soap contains dried and pulverized cow dung, orange peel, lavender powder, and gooseberries. The toothpaste is made of dung, ghee, and urine. The dung is dried at high temperature after 3 days of it being produced.

The cow urine is boiled at high temperatures, and then the vapor is condensed and used in the products. These steps remove the bacteria from the products.

This not only benefits the user with its medicinal properties but also becomes the cause to support the divine life when cow stops giving milk or becomes old.

The farmers can still earn money by selling urine and cow dung.

Reference Cowpathy!!