condom break

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Saaasa, ukivaa hizi condom za ten bob zile ulibuy Latema midnight, si unachukua maisha yako mikononi? Alafu utumie hio condom suspect kuingia matinye badala ya coomer, si obviously itapasuka!

Tangazo Tangazo Tangazo; kwa wale hawakujua, PrEP inaweza kusaidia usipate hive, lakini bado kuna hep, gono, syph na kadhalika. Deekey itawachwa ikikaa kama kichungi.


as the doc said the johnnies given in hospitals are of highest quality and not in any way inferior to those marketed under fancy names and premium prices....
i feel like you think i would use sure when there is durex and rough rider..
@kaimera I do not want to belittle you cynicism. But before you engage @Luther12 on matters medicine please be informed that the good man is a doctor by profession. Sio mzaha. Better listen. But again,you could also be a doctor but we do not know. If by chance you are,the onus is on you to prove it by helping out whenever medical issues come up in the village. Lakini si lazima usaidie.
OTOH,if you are not a medic or a nurse or an orderly,I would ask you to listen to this man who ironically calls himself Luther12
Not open for further replies.